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Elibardo Peleo – Diabetes

Name: Elibardo Peleo
Address: Sta. Mesa Manila
Age: 61 Years old
Sickness: Diabetes, High Blood, Heart Enlargement, High Cholesterol
First Visit: 26 Mar 2013


I am Mr. Elibardo Peleo or Boy Peleo as my nickname. I am a Philippine Navy but due that the salary of a military man is very low, I did not continue my profession as a soldier, I became AWOL. I become a Merchant Mariner for two years on that time, year 1982 I quit working as a Merchant Mariner and on that year I work in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 1982 to 1996. I was in Saudi Arabia for 13 years. I have so many bad habits or lifestyle. I am a chain smoker, 3 packs of Philip Morris a day, one drinker everyday, about food I eat all I want, like port, I don’t eat vegetables.
On 2000 I feel not good, I suffer dizziness, urinating too much and my sex life not ok. One day when I urinate in the toilet my wife noticed there is too much ants I the bowl, I said I don’t know that. My wife told me to go to doctor and she go with me. In my Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS) the doctor found out that I have a very high diabetes. My first complication is about my lungs. I was confine in Lung Center and after 6 months I became ok. And my next complication is High Blood and Heart Enlargement. I have so many time brought to hospital. To make my story short, last August 2011, September 2012 and December 2012 I was brought again to the hospital and according to the doctor I got mild stroke. I have so many medicine to take.


Now at present I still have 10 pcs medicine as a maintenance. One day my friend told me why don’t you want to go with me, I said where? He told me or he invited me in “Adam”. I said to him “yes, next time, if I have time..” when he saw me again he invite me again on that time I cannot walk good ang my right arm is very hard to move. My right foot is numb. On March 26, 2013 is my first day in Adam. I have noticed that my right foot and my right arm I can move well and my blood pressure become normal before I was always high blood 160/100 but now during my 8 days in Adam my BP is 130/80 or 120/70. Before my heart is time to time aching and it is very hard to sleep. But now I sleep well. And for the information of everyone I stop drinking my 10 kinds of maintenance medicine. Because if I still continue my medicine, maybe its not good to my other vital organs.

With the help of Pulsetron, my High Blood become normal, my heart is not aching too much and I can move my right foot and right arm well and the one who help me is no other than Pulsetron SS-2000. Adam Magaling and I with to purchase Pulsetron if God permit. Thank God and Thank Adam because I feel better it is only 8 days.

by: Elibardo Peleo

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